TestConX 2019


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Wednesday March 6, 2019

7:00 a

Continental Breakfast

Start the day right and enjoy the continental breakfast while networking with other attendees.

8:00 a

Session 7
Red Mountain Ballroom
Getting It Done

This session is focused on new methodologies and processes in improving the overall efficiency of the test process during product development. The first presenter will discuss improvements in the contactor evaluation process using real case study from production and lab experiments data. We will also learn the challenges, issues and key learning encountered during the contactor evaluation process. Acquiring information using serial-parallel interface (SPI) is a challenge for traditional burn-in setups because of limited numbers of data lines available for each device under test (DUT). In the second presentation, a new methodology will be presented to effectively communicate to SPI based devices that includes identification of socket location or device chip ID, acquisition of temperature sensors data, and other data. This is followed by the discussion of customized automation in handling and docking solutions for the semiconductor industry to improve efficiency and save time. In the final presentation, strategies for reducing qualification and production cycle times thorough risk mitigation planning and backup plans will be covered. These methodologies can also be applied to automotive product development.

“Contactor Evaluation Cycle Time Reduction”
Thiha Shwe
Texas Instruments (TI)
Fatemeh Yazdiananari
Texas Instruments (TI)
“Data Acquisition from Multiple Devices Registers Using SPI Matrix Scheme for Burn In Setup”
Stephanie Villanueva
Analog Devices
Oliver Gabriel
Analog Devices
“Automation in Semicon Engineering + Production”
Josef Weinberger
Alexander Wieler
Stephanie Wimmer
“Strategies for Flawless Qualification & Manufacturing Release”
SK Lau
Texas Instruments
Marcus Wengler
Texas Instruments

10:00 a

Break & Networking

Enjoy the break and networking time.

10:30 a

Session 8
Red Mountain Ballroom
Running Hot & Cold
Thermal Management

Advancements in the electronics industry and miniaturization of devices and their applications have led to an increased need for innovative thermal management technologies. These technologies include developing and testing new thermal-interface materials and developing new probe technologies and testing them at extreme low and high temperatures. Test conditions for thermal interface materials used in semiconductor test and burn-in applications will be discussed in the first presentation. A four-phase test program with data that simulates mechanical cycling over 1,000 contact cycles and 5,000 contact cycles using an automated test platform will be presented. The second presentation discusses products which require test at extremely low temperature and/or extremely high temperatures. The challenges of probing devices at each end of the temperature spectrum and solutions to overcome or mitigate issues encountered at probe will be covered. Lastly, the importance of effective thermal management will be covered for testing devices with faster switching speed transistors that are increasing in numbers in even smaller packages. The presenter will describe how newer probe technologies are being deployed to improve thermal management at the device-under-test while reducing the need for large test handler thermal offsets.

“Design of a Four-Phase Mechanical Cycling Reliability Test Program and Evaluation Results for TIMs Designed for Semicond”
David "Dave" Saums
Tim Jensen
Indium Corporation
Ronald "Ron" Hunadi
Indium Corporation
Mohamad Abo Ras
Berliner Nanotest und Design GmbH
“Wafer Sort At Extreme Temperatures”
Chris Buckholtz
Teradyne Inc
Roger Sinsheimer
Teradyne, Inc.
“Closer Tolerance Thermal Management at the Device-Under-Test”
Mehdi Attaran
Lambert "Bert" Brost


Red Mountain Ballroom
Awards & Closing Remarks

It's been three and a half days packed with learning, exploring, and sharing. Before we pack our bags and take what we've learned back to our jobs, there are a few closing remarks. We will take a moment to reflect and recognize the people, presentations, and posters that have distinguished themselves at TestConX 2019.

12:30 p

Workshop Adjourns

Program subject to change without notice.